Super Quiet Cabins in Compliance with Quality Standard 

We offer generator cabinets in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Our electricians are trained to install your new generator cabinet in your home or business with ease. 

Features of the cabinets BB Güç Sistemleri provides you: 

Our cabinets are manufactured from DKP sheet metal or optionally galvanized sheet metal with automatic surface cleaning and acid washing. 2000 hours salt water spray resistance (DIN EN ISO 9227) is provided with nano ceramic coating and electrostatic powder paint application before painting. 

Cabin sizes ranging from 10 kVA to 3000+ kVA can be produced as standard. Special productions with special sound barriers, high capacity fuel tanks, front or top air suction discharge can also be produced according to the demands of the customers. 

In addition to ensuring the thermal insulation of the exhaust and silencers, silencers with high sound cutting capacity are positioned in an isolated area in the cabins. 

Heat and sound resistant ISO certified fireproof type special acoustic sponges are used on the interior walls of the cabins. According to customer demands, rock wool covered with perforated sheet metal can also be preferred for stronger sound insulation. 

The walls of the super silent cabins, which are specially produced in accordance with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization exposure numbers, are covered with rock wool and acoustic sponge. 

Kabin Özellikleri

BB Güç Sistemleri Kabinleri, özel süngerlerle kaplanarak Çevre ve Şehircilik Bakanlığının normlarına uygun olarak sessizliği sağlamak için idealdir ve istenilen sessizlik düzeyini elde etmektedir.